Talk your walk

Television. Phones. Newspapers. Internet. All of them immediately associated to communication. But have you ever thought of your shoes as a way to communicate an idea, an ideal, an initiative you support?

Rather than a means to get you from A to B, every step you take is part of an experience. Let’s show the world how we Talk our Walk.


Our shoes are much more than footwear. They represent action. People who walk for a reason. Who stand for an idea and believe in the power to make the world a better place.

Our shoes represent belief. They communicate ideals you support. We believe issues must be spread, in order to be felt and then solved. This provides the statement with the necessary notoriety.

Every collection brings you a new statement, through a range of unique layouts that unite trendiness and meaningfulness.

Multiple Possibilities

Three different types of footwear for you to choose, each of them with several layout options.

Ankle Boots



Comfortably Remarkable

Our patented Channel symbolizes communication but it also allows the passage of air, which flows between your feet and the outsole of the shoe. It enhances the shoe ventilation and allows you to walk more lightly, with greater comfort. A feature that contributes decisively to make our footwear remarkable.

Made to Last

One of our footwear’s unique features. The Strip divides the shoe in two parts. It is a revolutionary way of assembling moccasins but, most of all, it provides flexibility and durability . It will help and maintain the footwear's original shape.

Leather Free

At Standfor, we use only high quality materials, such as the main component of our shoe: premium microfiber. This way, besides meeting your quality expectations, we can assure you that no animals have been harmed in order to make our footwear.


Our brand is supported by a community of Developers from all over the world, with different beliefs and opinions but one sole purpose: improve the way we share the statements we stand for.

This collaboration starts six months before our shoes are presented to the public, which means our Developers are half a year ahead of everyone else. So, while having fun, people like you help develop every new Standfor collection.

Go to The Ground.

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Phone Support: (351) 225 100 137

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