We chose Smoke Less as our first statement because smoking is a global issue that must be treated with maximum attention.

It is one of the largest causes of disease in the world. Not only does it harm smokers as it undermines the health of everyone around them.

We consider that it is a reasonable thing to ask people to smoke less. Our intention was always to promote a reduction of smoke in our lives as well as in the environment that surrounds us. It could be a first step on the road to quit, or it could just be a decrease in a habit that one wishes to keep.

Our debut campaign was highly successful. We were able to reach thousands of people through:

22 Lookviews.

5.000+ hikes that made possible for Standfor to give a little help to The Foundation for a Smokefree America.

1.500+ people signing our Smoke Less manifesto.

35 participations in 4 Match+Win contests.

30 posts on Thought Spot.

We are working on Standfor's Previous Collections' Shop, where you will soon be able to check out and buy the boots, ankle boots and shoes that talk their walk and stand for Smoke Less.