This is Standfor's Previous Collections' Site, where you can check out a selection of boots, ankle boots and shoes that talk their walk and stand for previous statements.

We chose SMOKE LESS as our first statement because smoking is a global issue that must be treated with maximum attention.

It is one of the largest causes of disease in the world. Not only does it harm smokers as it undermines the health of everyone around them.

We consider that it is a reasonable thing to ask people to smoke less. Our intention was always to promote a reduction of smoke in our lives as well as in the environment that surrounds us. It could be a first step on the road to quit, or it could just be a decrease in a habit that one wishes to keep.

As our second statement, we opted for a technological approach: QUIT PHUBBING. It’s a 21st century issue. Even though it is a recent concept, - the word "phubbing" was coined in 2012 - the problem has been around for a while, as a sort of modern age disease.

It is responsible for families losing their precious moments together, friends who don’t live life to its fullest meaning, lovers who don´t kiss unless it’s through an emoji.

We believe the alienation provoked by such an addiction originates a loss of social and human qualities.

Standfor’s third statement was ONE GENDER. Let's face it: our planet is too small for gender division, despite the individual, cultural, sexual features each of us may (re)present.

We think that every human being has an individual identity, a personality that is reflected in many aspects of our everyday life, making people more or less intriguing. Over centuries, people have had to fight for their rights over the tyranny of others who thought they were superior. That happened for many reasons, all of them wrong. Gender was one of those excuses.

We believe that gender should not be considered to discriminate neither positively nor negatively. In the end, as far as gender is concerned, we’re all human.