Go for a Hike

With Standfor, the message is something you wear. But you can take the meaning of “wearable” further. With Hikes Counter, you can check in each time you go for a walk wearing your Standfor shoes.

Also, you can give the statement a helping hand. Or should we say “a helping foot”?

So that you feel that every step you take has a meaning, Standfor is investing money in sharing this message.

That will happen as certain milestones are reached, which depends on you and how you use Standfor App. (App Store | Google Play)

All you have to do is scan the QR code on the insole of your shoe, every time you go on a new hike.

We will then distribute merchandising in selected schools, to make people more aware of the issue.

The Hikes Counter is the perfect excuse to go for a walk.