Go for a Hike

With Standfor, the message is something you wear. But you can take the meaning of “wearable” further. With Hikes Counter, you can check in each time you go for a walk wearing your Standfor shoes.

Also, you can give the statement a helping hand. Or should we say “a helping foot”?

So that you feel that every step you take has a meaning, Standfor is investing money in sharing this message.

That will happen as certain milestones are reached, which depends on you and how you use Standfor App. (App Store | Google Play)

All you have to do is scan the QR code on the tongue of your shoe, every time you go on a new hike.

We will then donate to an organization devoted to the statement. Check out the list on the app and tell us which one should be the winner.

The Hikes Counter is the perfect excuse to go for a walk.