It happens when we ignore the people around us because of technology.

Technology is great. It’s all the phubbing that ruins the fun.

Phubbing has quickly become a serious issue. Even though it is a recent concept, - the word "phubbing" was coined in 2012 - the problem has been around for a while, as a sort of modern age disease.

It is responsible for families losing their precious moments together, friends who don´t live life to it´s fullest meaning, lovers who don´t kiss unless it´s through an emoji.

We believe the alienation provoked by such an addiction originates a loss of social and human qualities that do not only affect the present, as will be crucial for the well-being of people in the future.

How can you help?

You can show that you support QUIT PHUBBING in several ways, even without buying the shoes.

You can simply help with your signature. You can also wear the shoes and use Hikes Counter.

Watch the buzz generated at The Talk and make your contribution.

Check out the Get Involved menu to know more about ways to help.

Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.

We are ambitious in our mission. For that reason, we have defined several goals. Till the end of Quit Phubbing Collection, we want to:

1. Make at least 100 Posts on The Talk.

2. Reach 5.000 Hikes on Hikes Counter.

3. Have no less than 100 Lip Signs.

The Quit Phubbing Collection was designed according to fashion trends and inspired by the statement in different contexts.

This kind of hypnotic lines takes you away from reality. Illusion is cool, but do not let it trick you. That’s what phubbing is: the illusion of being elsewhere.


Computer boards and circuits symbolize technological help. At work, technology is good when it’s used in a sensible, productive way. Not the case of phubbing.


These lines walk side by side, but they never really meet. Just like groups of people who go out and may seem physically together when, in fact, they’re not.


Our designer used to spend quality time with his father, playing with paint. It means connection. His father and him, together, enjoying the same game.


There’s nothing like the real feel of a warm hand. We are shocked by couples who would rather spend their time together staring at their phones.


Our most discreet shoe comes in blue and light brown, two trending colors for the season. It's a sober option for those who wish to subscribe to the statement.


It's how it begins: a naked ankle boot. The statement is Standfor's own motto – Talk your Walk. Original are always available, no matter the collection.