We believe gender should not be considered to discriminate neither positively nor negatively.

We’re all different and that’s what makes us interesting. But, as far as gender is concerned, we’re all really just human beings.

If you consider the whole universe, with its billions and trillions of elements floating around, you'll see that Earth is in fact a tiny spot on the map of universal things. Let's face it: our planet is too small for gender division, despite the individual, cultural, sexual features each of us may (re)present.

Every human being has an individual identity, a personality that is reflected in many aspects of our everyday life, making people more or less intriguing. Many of us humans have had to fight for our rights over the tyranny of others who thought they were superior. That happened for many reasons, all of them wrong. Gender was one of those excuses.

We believe that gender cannot be used to assess people’s pros and cons.

We’re all human. That is the one gender that matters.

How can you help?

You can show that you support ONE GENDER in several ways, even without buying the shoes.

You can simply help with your signature. You can also wear the shoes and use Hikes Counter.

Watch the buzz generated at The Talk and make your contribution.

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Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.

We are ambitious in our mission. For that reason, we have defined several goals. Till the end of One Gender Collection, we want to:

1. Make at least 100 Posts on The Talk.

2. Reach 5 000 Hikes on Hikes Counter.

3. Have no less than 100 Lip Signs.

The One Gender Collection was designed according to fashion trends and inspired by the statement in different contexts.


It means an opportunity for every human being to have a voice. The finger pointing upwards is a statement that says “I am here, I count”. In our view, it’s the right element to make this design truly symbolic.



Society should see all colors as equal. Just like a rainbow of different people who deserve the same opportunities to be happy. It’s all about being tolerant, understanding that everybody on this planet deserves a chance.



Children sitting in a circle singing their favorite song. Our creatives went back to their childhood to conceive a design that is all about peace, respect, tolerance. Our circles symbolize a definitive NO to violence based on gender.



It should be hard work and talent combined to allow people to be professionally successful, not gender. This kind of camouflage pattern is a tribute to equality at work. Everyone should have equal access to opportunities.



In our romantic relationships, we love those special lovebird moments, full of flowers and other springtime symbols. And respect, a fundamental element in a relationship between two people.



The most discreet piece of the collection has the statement printed on it. It comes in three colors that were identified as trends for the season, but they also symbolize hope and passion.



It's how it begins: a naked model. The statement is Standfor's own motto – Talk your Walk. Original are always available, no matter the collection.